Keep your brand top-of-mind.

Forget boring gift baskets and complicated planning. ClientJoy curates your items, caters to your brand, packs and ships on time, every time. Hands down the lowest cost, most reliable option.

Who do you want to make happy?

Staying in front of clients isn't easy. No matter who you are — a small business or large corporation — you'd like to spend less time, save money and know it's done well.

How it Works


Tell us your brand and what's most important to you — we'll tailor an experience that's all your own.


Set important dates and we'll make sure gifts are on time, every time. No more last minute scrambling to figuring it out.


We're all too busy as it is. We act as your in-house gifting team — ready to impress with your brand and when it matters most.

See why people love us!

Individuals and businesses have already created smiles all over the world with ClientJoy.

"Thank goodness for ClientJoy! This service is essential for any business owner who wants to treat their clients like royalty--and do it easily. The team is a pleasure to work with. They make things simple, affordable and seamless. I use ClientJoy not only for Holiday gifts, but also for thank you's and client check-ins. I highly recommend the joy of working with ClientJoy."

Vanessa Van Edwards

Science of People
"Not only were my clients thrilled to get a box, but we immediately began seeing some referrals from contacts we hadn't heard from in a while! We're going to make sending these boxes a thing for us moving forward."

Genevieve Morganstern

"As a small business, I often don't have the time or capacity to send thank you gifts to my clients. ClientJoy makes it easy to send well-designed, thoughtful and beautiful business gifts that reflect my brand. Their service is a wonderful, affordable way to show my clients how much I value working with them. And my clients love it."

Joy Davis

Founder of Design + Culture Lab
"The Portland Development Commission routinely hosts visiting dignitaries or meets with public and private leaders when on international business development trips. ClientJoy is perfect for sourcing gifts that highlight Portland makers. The process is very convenient and hassle free; the product is first class."

Chris Harder

Economic Development Director, Portland Development Commission
"At Staffing Robot, we use ClientJoy for potential and current clients. The experience is affordable and something our clients get excited about. The ClientJoy team is super rad to work with and they are more than willing to structure our service around our needs. We recommend ClientJoy to any company looking to reach out to customers in a thoughtful way."

Karen Locke

Staffing Robot